Conference and Cultural Centre of University of Patras

Conference and Cultural Centre of University of Patras


The Conference and Cultural Centre is a Unit of the University of Patras, within the Department of Museums, Conference & Cultural Centers of the Directorate of Public Relations & Extroversion. It is the first Conference Centre in Greece and the biggest conference center in Southwestern Greece. It is built within the University Campus and covers area of 25 acres. It is a two-leveled center of a total surface area of 9.300 m2, able to accommodate 2.500 conference participants. It is designed with international standards and fully equipped with the most contemporary technology. It provides the opportunity for the organization of highly-standards cultural events (theater, music, dance) exhibitions, conferences and seminars. 


Conference center internal


The Conference and Cultural Centre has high-quality, contemporary, audio-visual systems. Within its whole building unit there is wiring which permits the connection of telephones, video-phones, video-conferencing in between the rooms of the center as well as connecting with the rest of the world through contemporary telecommunication nodes.

It is the University’s ambition, being the third biggest University in the country, that the Conference Center become a pole of attraction and the main lever for the development of the scientific and cultural life of the region.

The Conference and Cultural Center includes: A Main 930-seated Hall, a 250-seated Auditorium, ten (10) Halls for parallel meetings, a two-leveled reception and exhibition area of 1400 m2, Offices and Auxiliary areas.

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