Wednesday, December 14, 2022



18:00-21:00 (EET)


Reception & Registrations



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End of Day




Thursday, December 15, 2022                         Room: I-4















































































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9:00-9:15 (EET)

Opening Ceremony – Welcome by the Chairmen of the Conference

9:15-9:45 (EET)

Awards of honor

Professor Greg Haidemenopoulos, University of Thessaly, Greece

Professor Stefanos Skolianos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


9:45-10:15 (EET)

Plenary lecture: Manufacturing, properties and consolidation of metal powder: from powder metallurgy to metal additive manufacturing


Professor Eduard Hryha, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden



 Room: I-4

Room: I-10

10:20-12:00 (EET)

Evaluation of the microstructural evolution of metallic materials during processing techniques



















Corrosion and protection


Dr. George Pantazopoulos

Prof. Angeliki Lekatou – Prof. Stefanos Skolianos

10:20-10:40 (EET)

Simulation of Phase Transformations during Quenching and Partitioning Heat Treatment

A comparative study on the electrochemical corrosion performance of High Additive Manufactured and wrought Ti-6Al-4V alloys


M. Bouzouni, E. Gavalas,  Sp. Papaefthymiou

V. Haoui, A.G. Lekatou, G. Giotakis, S. Emmanouilidou, B.V. Efremenko, V.I. Zurnadzhy, V.G. Efremenko

10:40-11:00 (EET)

Compressive mechanical properties of additively manufactured porous structures from Inconel 718

A corrosion study in stainless steels using CO2-loaded aqueous solution of monoethanolamine (MEA)


G. Pantazopoulos, K. Monkova, P. P. Monka, A. Toulfatzis, S. Papadopoulou

F. Stergioudi, A. Baxevani, C. Florou, N. Michailidis, E. Nessi, A.I. Papadopoulos, P. Seferlis

11:00-11:20 (EET)

A review of industrial brass alloys towards high productivity machining processes

Effect of combining low-cost corrosion inhibitors on the corrosion performance of stainless steel concrete rebars in acid rain


P. Stavroulakis, A.I. Toulfatzis, G.A. Pantazopoulos, A.S. Paipetis

S. Tsouli, S. Kleftakis, A.G. Lekatou

11:20-11:40 (EET)

The effect of stress state on the microstructure evolution during plastic deformation of Q&P treated martensitic stainless steels

Diplomatic thesis: "Casting and Study of Thermal Processes in Copper-based Multicomponent Alloy"


A. Sierra-Soraluce, J. L. De Pablos, J. M. Molina-Aldareguia, A. Smith, M. Muratori, I. Sabirov

St. Maritsa, Sp. Chaskis , P. Stavroulakis, R. Goodall, Sp. Papaefthymiou

11:40-12:00 (EET)

Prediction of crystallographic texture in aluminium alloys using crystal plasticity methods

Scandium adsorption from chloride solution of titanium oxide industry using ion exchange resins


E. Mikeli, D. Marinos, E. Balomenos and . Panias


M. Kotsiopoulos, V.  Loukadakis, Sp. Papaefthymiou

12:00-12:10 (EET)

Coffee break

12:10-13:50 (EET)

Room: I-4  

Room: I-10

Advanced materials: design, processing, mechanical behavior and surface properties


Corrosion and protection




Prof. Spyros Papaefthymiou














Prof. Angeliki Lekatou – Prof. Stefanos Skolianos

12:10-12:30 (EET)

Development of novel silver and copper oxide nanoparticle – based inks for LIFT-printing of electronics

Corrosion behavior of CoCrMo dental alloy fabricated with Soft Milling technique before and after heat treatment


E. Dimitriou, A. Kaldeli-Kerou, K. Andritsos, M. Makrygianni, I. Theodorakos, F. Zacharatos, I. Zergioti, N. Michailidis

S. Emmanouilidou, K. Dimitriadis, S. Agathopoulos, A. G. Lekatou

12:30-12:50 (EET)

Microstructural Characterization of Novel Micro-Alloyed Single-Phase Nanoprecipitated Steels

Effect of aging treatment on the mechanical and surface degradation properties of Co-based superalloy L605


A. Kaldellis, N. Makris, P. E. Tsakiridis and G. Fourlaris

G. Giotakis, P. Makris and A.G. Lekatou

12:50-13:10 (EET)

The precipitation of κ-carbides through spinodal decomposition in austenitic low-density steels

Hysteretic response of corroded steel reinforcing bars including buckling phenomena



A. Banis, A. Gomez, A. Dutta, V. Bliznuk, I. Sabirov, R.H. Petrov

K. Koulouris, Ch. Apostolopoulos, Th. Angelopoulos

13:10-13:30 (EET)

Design of novel low-density multicomponent alloys tailored to address engineering challenges

Influence of shot blasting on dynamic response of corroded steel reinforcement


P. Stavroulakis, S. Chaskis, E. Gavalas, R. Goodall, S. Papaefthymiou

M Basdeki, Ch. Apostolopoulos

13:30-13:50 (EET)

In-Plane Shear Loading -Unloading Behavior of Aluminium 5052 Honeycomb Core Structure


Corrosion Behaviour of Modified Plasma Spaying Hydroxyapatite Coatings on SMO 254 Super Austenitic Stainless Steel Substrate

G. K. Pikilidis, D. Tsogias, A. T. Kermanidis

E. Garmpi, A. Kaldellis, A. Alexandratou, N. Makris, D. Ioannidou, S. Deligiannis, P.E. Tsakiridis, G. Fourlaris

13:50-14:45 (EET)


14:45-16:30 (EET)

Room: I-4

Special Session: Presenting Greek Associations in the area of advanced materials and research


Nikoalos Michailidis – George Lampeas

14:45-15:15 (EET)

Presentation of the “Hellenic Society for Biomaterials” and the “Hellenic Ceramic Society”


S. Agathopoulos

15:15-15:45 (EET)

Presentation of the “Greek society of experimental mechanics of materials”


St. Kourkoulis

15:45-16:15 (EET)

Presentation of the “Hellenic society for the science and technology of condensed matter”


P. Karahaliou

16:15-16:30 (EET)

Presentation of the “Micro & Nano Scientific Society of Greece”


P. Sarkiris

16:30-16:40 (EET)

Coffee break

16:40-18:00 (EET)

Room: I-4



Manufacturing techniques of engineering materials - mechanical characterization



















Fatigue performance and crack growth prediction of engineering materials


Prof. Petros Tsakiridis

Prof. Alexis Kermanidis

16:40-17:00 (EET)

Synthesis and evaluation of bulk mechanical properties of a bio-based resin doped with self-healing micro-capsules

An experimental investigation of fatigue performance of aluminum alloy AA7075-T6: the role of grain orientation and environmental factors


I. Valais, P. Kormpos, K. Tserpes, A. Clara Marques, M. Loureiro, A. Aguiar

A. Prospathopoulos, Ap. Argyros, N. Michailidis

17:00-17:20 (EET)

Hydrometallurgical treatment of calcium aluminate slags for alumina production – Potentials & Challenges

The effect of microstructure on fatigue behaviour of a Fe-Mn-Al-C steel


M. Vafeias, D. Marinos, A. Bempelou, E. Georgala, E. Balomenos, D. Panias

A. Gómez Fernández, M. Avela, J.M. Molina-Aldareguia, A. Dutta, I. Sabirov

17:20-17:40 (EET)

Experimental characterization of fatigue crack growth in thermoplastic co-consolidated joints under various mode-mixities

Fatigue crack growth prediction in plastically prestrained high strength steels



I. Sioutis, K. Tserpes

C. G. Prosgolitis, A. T. Kermanidis

17:40-18:00 (EET)


Multiaxial fatigue calculation of hot formed stabilizer bars




Ch. Gakias, E. Tiedt, P. Adamidis, E. Giannakis, G. Savaidis

18:00 (EET)

End of Day


18:00-20:00 (EET)

 General Assembly of the Hellenic Metallurgical Society



20:00 (EET)


Conference Dinner


















































































Friday, December 16 2022                      Room: I-4












































































9:00-9:30 (EET)





















Plenary Lecture: Materials for Electromobility and Renewable Energy


Prof. Gerhard Schneider, Aalen University, Germany



Room: I-4 

Room: I-10

9:40-11:20 (EET)

Surface treatments and coatings



















Advances in Additive Manufacturing


Prof. Fani Stergioudi – Prof. George Skordaris

Prof. Manos Bouzakis

9:40-10:00 (EET) 

Block on ring wear tests of artificial textured and coated surfaces under starved lubrication conditions with fullerene C60 additives: The scuffing mechanism investigation

Microstructural and thermomechanical modeling and simulation of selective laser melting in austenitic stainless steels



P. Nikolakopoulos and A. Zavos

M.P. Sotiriou, J.S. Aristeidakis, S.Α. Koimtzidis, I. Papadioti, M.I.T. Tzini, G.N. Haidemenopoulos and N. Aravas

10:00-10:20 (EET)

A methodology to predict the life span of tools applied in cheese cutting machines and its improvement via the application of PVD TiN coating

Additive Manufacturing: a Tool for Engineering Microstructures and Mechanical behavior


G. Skordaris, K. Vogiatzis, L. Kakalis,  I. Mirisidis, V. Paralidou, S. Paralidou

E. Polatidis, C. Sofras, J. Capek, M. Smid, C. Leinenbach, C. Haase, M. Strobl

10:20-10:40 (EET)

Tribological performance of thermal sprayed coatings under abrasive conditions

Investigation of Fe-Cu Bimetal Structures through Additive Manufacturing and Inducting Melting


E.P. Georgiou, A. Koutsomichalis, D. Drees, C.N. Panagopoulos

A. Baganis, X. Maeder, Fl. Malamud, C. Leinenbach

10:40-11:00 (EET) 

Improvement of the wear behavior of CrAlN coated tools in manufacturing processes with continuous or interrupted cutting loads via appropriate annealing

Tuning the shape memory polymer properties through 3D printing strategy: An experimental study


S. Kouparanis, F. Stegioudi, G. Skordaris, D. Tsakalidis, A. Bouzakis

A. Koualiarella, A. Arvanitidis, A. Argyros, N. Michailidis

11:00-11:20 (EET) 

Preparation of durable superhydrophobic copper foams for efficient filtration of oil/water mixtures

Optimization of post-built annealing of Ni Alloy718 processed by powder bed fusion: a synergy of neutron and synchrotron X-ray diffraction.


A. Baxevani, F. Stergioudi, N. Patsatzis, L. Malletzidou, G. Vourlias

E. Polatidis, J. Capek, M. Niekter, R. Pederson,  J. Kelleher, N. Casati, M. Strobl

11:20-11:40 (EET)

Coffee break

11:40-13:20 (EET)

Room: I-4


Room: I-10

Design of mechanical components for engineering applications


Heat treatments on Aluminum alloys




Prof. Pantelis Nikolakopoulos


 Prof. Alexis Kermanidis

11:40-12:00 (EET) 

Rim replacement of a bucket wheel excavator


Determination of the morphological alterations of intermetallic particles during homogenization of 6xxx series Al alloy billets




S. Papanikolaou, A. Zarkas, A. Maropoulos, St. Maropoulos


Α. Vazdirvanidis, K. Tiktopoulos, A. Rikos, S. Papadopoulou, N. Kolioubas

12:00-12:20 (EET)

Isolation of Copper from Waste Printed Circuit Boards and its Reusability in Additive Manufacturing applications


Examination of 6xxx series Al alloy extruded profiles heat treatments for optimization of the mechanical properties




V. S. Efstratiadis, A. Argyros, P. Efthymiopoulos, G. Maliaris, M. Pappa, N. Michailidis


V. Kouvarda,  C. Anagnostopoulou, S. Papadopoulou, A. Vazdirvanidis, G. Symeonidis, S. Papaefthymiou

12:20-12:40 (EET)

Stress Tensor Distribution Monitoring & Rehabilitation in Steels


Finite element analysis of the temperature distribution of friction stir welded dissimilar aluminum alloys Al 5083-H111 and Al 6082-T4.




S Angelopoulos, P Vourna, IN Markova, A Ktena, E Hristoforou


P. Raptis, V. Loukadakis, Sp. Papaefthymiou

12:40-13:00 (EET)

Microstructural and mechanical properties evaluation of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded Ti-6Al-4V to Inconel ® X-750


Implementation and characterization of the influence of misorientations in microstructure-based simulations




D. Ioannidou, A. Kaldellis, N. Makris, P. Skarvelis, V. Stergiou, P. E. Tsakiridis


N.-V. Georgiou, V. Loukadakis, M. Neite, S. Münstermann, Sp. Papaefthimiou

13:00-13:20 (EET)

Reduced-Order Phase-Field Modeling of Static Recrystallization





M. Paleos, V. Loukadakis, Sp. Papaefthymiou




13:20-14:20 (EET)


14:20-15:40 (EET)

Room: I-4


Room: I-10

Physical-Extractive and thermodynamics Metallurgy


Environmental aspects of the materials used in engineering applications




Dr. Efthymios Balomenos


Dr. Efthymios Polatidis

14:20-14:40 (EET) 

Metallurgical Options for the Valorization of Greek BR: Industrial Pilot Modules


Design and production control criteria of Recycled Aluminum products with low energy and environmental footprint (DeReAL) – An overview




E. Balomenos, P. Davris, D. Sparis, D. Marinos, M. Vafeias, S. Koutsoupa, St. Koutalidi, D. Panias, I. Karnachoritis


V. Akrivos, P. Aslanis, I. Georgiopoulos, A. Triantafyllou, G. Paschalis, C. Andreouli

14:40-15:00 (EET)

Alumina production from alternative domestic EU resources by an HCl route


Impact of material selection on aircraft structures sustainability by accounting for performance, cost, ecological and circularity aspects




M. Bagani, M. G. Tsaousi, Aik. Toli, M. Vafeias, E. Balomenos, D. Panias


D. Markatos, Sp. Pantelakis

15:00-15:20 (EET) 

Characterization of metastable retained austenite on novel multiphase TRIP automotive steel


Modification and Characterization of Ag Nanofluids for the enhancement of stability and thermal conductivity




N. Makris, A. Kaldellis, P. Tsakiridis and G. Fourlaris


A. Boufina, A. Prospathopoulos, A. Kaldeli Kerou, N. Michailidis

15:20-15:40 (EET) 

Thermodynamic study of the Cu-Fe alloy anodic dissolution at H2SO4 solution


Thermo-mechanical simulation of a liquid hydrogen fuel tank for use in general aviation




D. Spanoudaki, E. Balomenos, D. Panias


G. Tzoumakis, G. Lampeas

15:40-16:00 (EET)


Coffee break

16:00-17:00 (EET)


Room: I-4


Room: I-10








Metallic materials: Simulation studies, porosity and tribology
















Simulation of advanced techniques


Prof. Konstantinos Tserpes

Prof. George Lampeas

16:00-16:20 (EET)

An isotropic elastic-plastic model for porous metals accounting for void shape effects

A predictive damage-tolerant modelling framework for the assessment of fatigue strength of additive manufacturing materials



S. Xenos, K. Danas, N. Aravas

H.O. Psihoyos, G. N. Lampeas

16:20-16:40 (EET) 

Correlation of cutting force components in turning to corresponding ones in slot milling


An investigation of stress peening using a 2D FEM-based simulation approach



E. Bouzakis

Ch. Gakias, G. Maliaris, G. Savaidis

16:40-17:00 (EET

Modelling of lubricated contacts on Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication under the effect of roughness and application on rolling bearings


Experimental validation of a cohesive zone-based stacked-shell numerical model for delamination prediction in composite materials



Ch. Topouzidis, A. Zavos, P. G. Nikolakopoulos

K. T. Fotopoulos, G. N. Lampeas

17:00-17:15 (EET)

Award of the best Diploma Thesis of 2021-2022 and Closure of the Conference



17:15 (EET)


End of Conference






Poster Session








Optimized wear resistant coatings used as alternative solutions in industrial applications


J. Patrikalos, P. Ioannou, C. Andreouli, I. Georgiopoulos



Use of graphene based nanomaterials as lubrication facilitators for wear resistant thermally sprayed coatings


J. Patrikalos, P. Ioannou, C. Andreouli, Ch. I. Sarafoglou, I. Georgiopoulos



3D printing for metal-ceramic dental restorations


E.Garmpi, G. Ioannou , A. Papanicolaou , I. Kitsou, E. Roussi, P. Angelopoulou, C. Andreouli, A. Tsetsekou



Development of a double layered zirconia-based coating in order to improve Titanium-Porcelain Bonding


E. Roussi, I. Kitsou, D. Georgopoulou, M. Papageorgiou, J. Patrikalos, I. Georgiopoulos, C. Andreouli, A. Tsetsekou



Influence of Post-Weld Heat Treatment Modification on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Inconel® 718 and 42CrMo4 Steel Electron Beam Dissimilar Welding


G. Baxevanis, D. Ioannidou, A. Kaldellis, V. Stergiou, P. Skarvelis, P.E. Tsakiridis



Microstructure Analysis, Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Behavior of Grey Cast Iron/Low Alloy Steel Dissimilar Brazing Joints with Silver Base Filler Metal


M. Kyprianidis, D. Ioannidou, A. Kaldellis, V. Stergiou, P.E. Tsakiridis



Experimental testing and simulation of fuselage stiffened panels representative of aircraft fuselage sections 



P. Kordas, K. T. Fotopoulos, G. N. Lampeas



Enhancing the de-icing performance of aerospace composite materials by nanoparticles: A numerical feasibility study


N. Tsivouraki, I. Floros, K.Tserpes



Modelling the acoustic emission field of the compression ring-cylinder liner tribo-pair in an internal combustion engine



A. Palaiologos, A. Zavos, P. G. Nikolakopoulos



Superhydrophobic aluminum surfaces for dropwise condensation



P. Sarkiris, K. Ellinas, E. Gogolides



Numerical simulation of the high velocity plate impact test for the calculation of spall strength of metallic alloys


K. Papadopoulos, A. Christodoulopoulos, K. Tserpes