Advanced Methods of Simulation and Characterization of Metallic Materials

Kalamata, Greece

Elite City Resort Hotel

26th of June, 2025

WORKSHOP HMS_ Advanced Methods
for Simulation and Characterization of Metallic Materials

Tutorials with invited tutors: 

i) distinguished speakers in the international community, scientists (academia, industry),

ii) commercial simulation software developers and/or open access developers.

The selected topics of the tutorials will include advanced methods for simulation/modelling and characterization of metallic materials at different length scales, that will aim in sustainable and cost-efficient component design with increased durability.

The methods will include:

-advances in characterization of mechanical properties, microstructure

-full scale component testing

-simulation software for material processes, processing (e.g corrosion, recyclability, heat treatment, additive manufacturing etc.)

-virtual models and machine learning


The materials may include:

-high strength steels

-advanced ferrous and non-ferrous alloys
-light metals

-metallic matrix composites and sandwich composite materials (metallic honeycomb core)

-bulk metallic glasses

-nanostructured metallic materials

-metallic foams



-additive manufactured metals